We asked AI for help

ChatGPT is a wonderful magical tool that can give you the illusion that you are actually talking to an expert on everything. Let’s see how it will respond to questions about MS Excel. Can the AI solve problems? Can it be creative and develop something new from the simple request?

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Microsoft Garden Planner

MS Excel can be used for planning our outdoor activities. Here is the template for Garden Planner: https://templates.office.com/en-us/garden-planner-tm00000057

File is separated to 4 useful parts Plant Inventory, Seed Starting Log, Task List and Garden Planning Grid.

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Calculate infection probability in group of people

Imagine that you want to arrange a meeting or birthday party for 40 people in the area where are infected people. What is the chance that one of them will come to your event? This probability can be calculated.

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Functions IF, AND, OR in Excel

In this example, I show you how to use IF, AND, OR functions together in the Excel worksheet. There is not only the one solution in logical tasks. You can always modify the formula in different ways. Continue reading “Functions IF, AND, OR in Excel” »

How to quickly find duplicate values in Excel

I think the best way to find duplicate records is using Conditional Formatting and Filter. It’s easy, simple and fast. Continue reading “How to quickly find duplicate values in Excel” »

Random date in Excel

Generate random date in Excel is easy. Let’s see how to do that. Continue reading “Random date in Excel” »

Running total for multiple items solved by Pivot Table and Line Chart

Creating running total is easy and simple if you use a Pivot Table. I show you an example with a few steps, video guide is included. Continue reading “Running total for multiple items solved by Pivot Table and Line Chart” »

How to use DATEDIF in Excel

DATEDIF is very useful for counting the number of whole calendar years, months and days between two dates. It is a hidden worksheet function and you will not find it in the list of functions but you can use it. Continue reading “How to use DATEDIF in Excel” »

How to SUM visible cells and exclude hidden rows and columns

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Exercises for dummies – cell format

The cell formatting is a basic knowledge of using MS Excel. It’s not difficult but there are a lot of options and settings. This exercise shows some of the elementary types of formatting. Continue reading “Exercises for dummies – cell format” »

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