Microsoft Garden Planner

MS Excel can be used for planning our outdoor activities. Here is the template for Garden Planner:

File is separated to 4 useful parts Plant Inventory, Seed Starting Log, Task List and Garden Planning Grid.

Plant Inventory

The first sheet represents base overview of Planting data, feeding/fertilization and notes.

Plant Inventory template

Seed Starting Log

Take care of seed like a pro. You can monitor a variety of seed parameters. The most important are type, germination, growth and sow date.

Seed starting log template

Task List

Sheet with task list is ready for tracking your planned activities. For example: Preparation soil for planting or plant tomatos 🙂

Task list template

Garden Planning Grid

Very useful drawing space. You can create a visualisation of your garden. There is also some space for notes.

Garden planning grid template

Digitalization in gardering is coming. Excel is only small part of it. If you are IT enthusiastic or handyman, you can try Arduino. Arduino garden modules are variable and it allows you to implement a large number of ideas.

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  2. Can this be sent to me by someone who has downloaded it? The link no longer works. Thank you!


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  4. I can’t find the garden planner when I click on the link you provided. Can you send to me directly? Thanks


  5. On your team tournament templates, how do I input a default win, where the opposition team does not show up, if I input it as a 1-0 win, it adds to the GF and GA Totals, I do not want that to happen.


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