Free training diary 2013

This training diary is designed for all kinds of sports. You can write the plan to the table and control its implementation and monitor your progress. The template is especially suitable for recording numbers of pushups, chin-ups, running, cycling miles (kilometers), pools, every fitness performances and many others sports activities. This Excel file offers weeks and months statistics of your training.

Day statistics

Day statistics

Week statistics

Week statistics

Month statistics

Month statistics


If the plan is not complete, the cell turns red (applies to weeks and months statistics).

cell turns red

Actual day, week or month is highlighted by orange color.

actual day


Starting date

To change the starting date just change the date in the cell A3 on the Days sheet.

Add more sport activities

1)      Select the last two columns of the table on the Days sheet and press copy (ctrl+c).

add activity1

2)      Paste them (ctrl+v) next to the table. add activity2 3)      Rename sport activity. add activity3 4)      Do the same on the weeks and months sheet.

Free download: training-diary-2013.xlsx


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  1. Can I download excel template version for 2017?


  2. Hello,

    how can I use this workout app for the year 2017? I think it is much better than android apps.



    • Yes, you can create Trainig diary 2017 from it. Just edit cell A1 in sheet called days.


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