How to insert the current date or time

Example 1

The first way is to write date right into the cell or to use the shortcuts:

Ctrl+; enters the current date.

Ctrl+: enters the current time.

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Data Validation in Excel

Data validation is used when it is necessary to keep an eye on what values are entered into the cell. This tool allows you to specify the values that may be written into the cell. This helps for example to avoid entering wrong date or entering text, where is supposed to be a number, etc.


There is a list of employees. Each column in the following Excel table have some rule for writing values. We have to modify Data Validation to be able to enter only correct values into the cells.

List of employees


Employee number is exactly 5 characters long.

Salary can be set in the range 600-2000.

Bonus cannot be greater than 10 % of the salary.

Date of entry can be set only as today.

Department must be one of the values from the list of Departments.

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Automatic change in the chart according to the current date

Let’s have a list of some values. The values are taken every day. The task is to create chart showing only last 5 days from today. Charts must be updated automatically.

Important: I wrote this on 4.7.2012, so for this example is 4.7.2012 the current date.

List of values by date
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