How to assign values from intervals

The following table presents a list of customers. They are collecting the points.

Customers list

Membership depends on the number of points.  The task is to assign correct membership from points intervals.

Points intervals

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Joining tables with the corresponding values

There are two tables. The first contains list of products with Product ID. The second is the actual quantity of products in the stock. Our task is to assign correct Product Name to Product ID in the second table.

List of products and actual quantity

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Automatic change in the chart according to the current date

Let’s have a list of some values. The values are taken every day. The task is to create chart showing only last 5 days from today. Charts must be updated automatically.

Important: I wrote this on 4.7.2012, so for this example is 4.7.2012 the current date.

List of values by date
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