Two different chart types in one graph

In this example, I will show you how to combine column chart with line chart. For the rest of chart types is the same procedure.

Example 1

In the table there are some measured and expected values. The task is to display the measured values as a column chart and the expected values as a line chart.

Excel table - example 1

Create the column chart from the entire table. Right-click on the Expected value data series and choose the Line Chart.

change chart type


line chart with column chart

Example 2

We want to determine the relationship between number of employees and revenues. No. of Employees will be a Column chart and revenues will be a Line chart.

Excel table - example 2

Step 1 / change chart type

Create the column chart from the entire table. If values in a both columns are similar, you see two data series. In this case is Revenues much bigger than No. of Employees, so you see only one data series. Right-click on the chart and select Change Series Chart Type…. Choose the Line chart and confirm.

column chartline chart

Step 2 / use Secondary Axis

Go to the: Right-click >> Format Data Series… >> Series Options and select the Secondary Axis.

Secondary Axis in Excel chart

The final chart has 2 Vertical Axis. Line chart values are on the left and column chart values are on the right.


two chart in one

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