Excel always changes numbers to dates or currency – solution

Excel changes cell format to date or currency always when you write some value? This problem can have several reasons.

Default cell style

Default cell style Normal may be modified. Normal style is used for entire worksheet, so in each cell. How to fix this: go to the Home >> Cell Styles >> Right-click on the Normal >> select Modify… >> Format >> set Number format Category to General

Modify Normal style

Custom cell style

Some custom style is may be used in the cells. To fix this: go to the Home >> Cell Styles >>select Normal or edit/delete your custom styles. You can see the custom Style 1 in the picture.

Custom style

Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting is may be applied to the cells. To fix this problem, check the rules manager: go to the Home >> Conditional formatting >> Manage Rules… >> edit or delete rules. The picture shows 2 rules that change format to currency and date.

Conditional Formatting Rules Manager

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  1. Didn’t work for me. Does anybody know some other solution? Please help.

    Thank you.


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