How to join several text strings into the one text string

There are two ways to merge text strings into one Excel cell. You can use the Concatenate function or operator &. Let’s see how.


Text to join

The task is to create Order Number consisting of the Store Sequence and the Customer No. Strings have to be separated by character

Merge result

Solution 1 / Operator &

Operator & is used for joining values as text strings.

Two types of values:

1)      From cell – just write address of the cell (A2, B2, …)

2)      Your specific text has to be in quotes (“-“)

Insert operator & between the values you want to join.


Solution 2 / CONCATENATE

Concatenate belongs to Text functions and it is very easy to use it.

Menu Text


Into the Function arguments insert the values you want to join. Your specific value has to be in quotes like in previous solution.



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  1. good example


  2. Create one text from multiple text was my nightmare. Thank you for this simple explanation.


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