Exercises for dummies – cell format

The cell formatting is a basic knowledge of using MS Excel. It’s not difficult but there are a lot of options and settings. This exercise shows some of the elementary types of formatting.

The file includes five worksheets. Tables contain formatted values (pattern) and non-formatted values. Your task is to set the format to the same look.

Font format

In the font format exercise you have to change the format of cells in column A. The look is described in the column “Note”.  Exercise contains font style, size, font color, fill color, …

excel exercise font format

Alignment format

In the alignment format exercise you have to change the text alignment in column A. Instructions are in the column “Note”. It contains vertical and horizontal alignment, wrap, merge, …

excel exercise alignment format

Number format

In the number format exercise you have to change the format of cells in the first column. The look is described in the column “Note”. It includes percentage format, date format, comma format, …

excel exercise number format

Border format

Border format exercise shows how to use the simple border formatting in Excel.

excel exercise border format


In the final exercise are two tables that you have to format. This is a mix of the formatting techniques used in the previous exercises.

excel format exercise

Free download

This exercise is for free and you can use it, change it or copy it. If you find any mistake, please leave a comment.

exercises-for-dummies- format.xlsx

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