Running total for multiple items solved by Pivot Table and Line Chart

Creating running total is easy and simple if you use a Pivot Table. I show you an example with a few steps, video guide is included.

Source data

We have several people who collect some points. The task is to show and analyze how they gradually accumulate the points.

base table

Step 1 – create pivot table

Click on to the source data and go to the menu Insert >> PivotTable.

PivotTable on the Ribbon

Check the Table/Range field and choose where will be the Pivot Table placed. Confirm the Create PivotTable dialog.

Create PivotTable

Go to the PivotTable Field List and move:
Name field to Column Labels,
Date field to Row Labels,
Points (Number of someth.) to Values.

If the PivotTable Field List is not displayed, go to the PivotTable Tools menu >> Options >> Field List (on Show/Hide).

PivotTable Field List

Pivot Table should look like this. It shows sum of points (Number of something) for each date and person.

PivotTable first step

Step 2 – set values as running total

Right click on the values and select Value Field Settings

RightClick menu

Go to the card Show values as and select Running Total in. Keep Date as Base field.

Value Field Setting selection

Now, the Pivot Table shows running total in dates for each person.

PivotTable after change Field Setting

Step 3 – create Pivot Line Chart

Click on the Pivot Table and go to the PivotTable Tools menu and select PivotChart.

PivotChart on the Ribbon

Choose Line.

Insert Chart

Final Line Chart looks like that.

Final Line Chart

Video guide

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